25 December 2009-03 January 2010

Route: We flew to Amman Airport , cycled to Madaba than to Dead Sea. Followed the road along the Dead Sea then to the highlands to Al Karak and continued to Dana National Park and the famous Petra. From there we travelled first to the desert, Wadi Rum, and after that to the Red Sea.

Roads: Most roads do not have a shoulder (small strip on both sides separated by a white line) but generally speaking traffic was light.

Food &Drink: For the self-catering almost every town has at least a (very) small shop. In the small villages it was rather difficult to find fresh vegetables and bread. Basic supplies are no problem; there is no need to carry more than 2 or 3 days of food.

Camping: No campsites at all.

Climate: We had clear and sunny days with really nice weather at the end of December. In the highlands, the headwind can be a problem. The temperatures were generally mild. Daytime temperatures ranged from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Bus: During the peak season busses run at least daily along all main roads. Busses take the  bikes for fee on a space available basis. We took a bus from Aqaba to Damascus, transporting our two bicycles was no problem.

dead sea

Dead Sea

dhana village

Dhana Village

petra monastry

Petra Monastry

Pinar prepares the bike before leaving

Getting ready for the climb from -400 meters below sea level

the road is calling

the road to Al Karak to the castle

Road in the morning


looking for a shadow for the short break

bikes in the desert

Bait Ali Camp in Wadi Rum

wadi rum

wadi rum

wadi rum by night

wadi rum by night

wadi rum

wadi rum

route map:

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